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enterprise solution for
real estate investors

  • Acquire the Property
  • Finance the Property
  • Profitability Studies
  • Manage the Project
  • Execute the Construction
  • Sell the Property

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imagine flipping real estate

without doing any of the work

We do all the heavy lifting, from start to end - from finding the best land to build, financing the project, planning and performing feasibility studies to managing the project, logistics & permitting, construction management and most importantly securing a sale in a snap. Simply put, we do all the work for you.


How we do it


Seasoned Investors

We work with seasoned investors, first time investors, or everyday individuals looking to fix and flip properties.


Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to dealing with real estate agents, the bank, appraisers, attorneys, and anything of the like. Simply put, we flip for you!


Most Great Things

Like most great things, we didn't happen overnight but with time and much effort, we birthed an incredible way for investors to fix 'n' flip properties without doing the work.


Secure The Permits

Imagine flipping real estate without doing any of the work. Avoid the typical headaches of renovation while we: finance the property, manage the project, acquire the blueprints, secure the permits, and complete the renovation.

Acquisition & Construction


Loan Size:

$100,000 - $2,500,000



640 Minimum Credit Score



Starting at 7.49% Interest only



6-24 Months w/No Prepay Penalty



In as little as 30 days



Starting at 3.00%

We are pioneers in real estate services for
real estate investors Handsfree Flip
your next project with our
end-to-end solution



  • Find the Best Land at the Best Price
  • Analyze Comparable Properties
  • Determine Market Trends
  • Manage Every Detail from Start to Closing


  • Best Lender with the Best Rate
  • Execute Due Diligence
  • Gather All Documentation
  • Prepare the Loan Package for Submission
Pre-Construction Studies & Services

Pre-Construction Studies & Services

  • Architectural Design & Blueprints
  • Building Permits
  • Site Plans & Surveys
Project Management

Project Management

  • Dedicated Relotz Project Manager
  • Accurate Estimates
  • Schedule of Completion
  • Bidding Process
New Build Construction

New Build Construction

  • Hire & Manage Subcontractors
  • Execute Inspections
  • Complete Project on Time


  • Stage the Property For Sale
  • List the Property via MLS
  • Manage the Sell

We do all the heavy lifting!

About Us

We are a team of real estate experts in construction, technology, finance, and marketing. We provide an end to end enterprise solution to first time & experienced real estate investors who don't have the time, resources, or experience to fix-n-flip real estate.

How Awesome Are We

We run preliminary studies to create an accurate estimation of the scope of work needed to complete a flip ready property for you. We expertly perform every aspect of the project from beginning to end including providing financing, managing the construction process, and listing the property for sale. To ensure that our properties are the best flip for you, we provide bottom line gross and net profits projections. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our model has been tried & proven to maximize profits with minimum investment & little to no involvement from you.

We’re an Open Book

In the spirit of full transparency, we outline every cost, expense, and fee imaginable. We determine a true and uninflated net profit for our investors’ pockets. Our strategic approach evaluates market trends, conditions, rehab cost, and scope of work. We formulate an accurate timeline, budget, and provide finishing specifications & selections for you to sign off.

Cash to Close

It’s simple, bring your cash to closing. Our process is straightforward with no hassle. Pick your project, choose your net profit, & prepare for closing.

Small Fees for Big Profits

We charge a project management fee that is 20% of your net profit once your property is listed and sold.

No Hidden Agenda

It’s no secret that our clients flip more real estate than the average real estate investor using our hands-free flipping technique. We guarantee your success or we’ll pay for your failure.

Fix & Flip process


Our underwriting guidelines require all investors to meet a minimum credit score of 620.

To acquire a vetted fix and flip property register as an approved buyer, select one of our properties for sale, review the comparables report provided, and adhere to the investor deal scenario for the required down payment and acquisition expenses.

Yes. We require earnest money anytime a purchase agreement is executed and before scheduling a closing date. The minimum earnest money required is $2,500 at binding and shall be held in escrow with the closing attorney listed on the purchase agreement.

Closings are normally scheduled 7 - 10 days from binding. Additional documentation will be provided to preprare for closing. Down payment and acquisition expenses (cash to close) should be dispersed directly from investor bank account to the closing attorney escrow account prior to the closing date.

Yes, mail away closing are available for distant or out of state investors.

Investors may be required to make and/or receive phone calls while undergoing the application process. We also required to investor to advance a minimum via a draw request and then recycled back into the project and repeated until construction is completed.

Project completion timelines can range from 30 to 90 days on average. The scope of work provided is utilized as a guideline for completion. In addition, there are many variables that can disrupt a project such as inspections, materials, weather conditions, etc.

Our investors are yielding 100% - $150% ROI based on their cash to close minus any seller expenses such as carrying cost, agent commissions, etc.